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•٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠• Review PreRelease & Giveaway For Never Dare a Dragon (Boston Dragons #3) By Ashlyn Chase •٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠•

Never Dare a Dragon 
(Boston Dragons #3) 
By Ashlyn Chase
Expected publication: August 1st 2017 
By Sourcebooks Casablanca

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Jayce Fierro is part of a legendary Boston firefighting family
 of phoenix shifters. Hiding his true form makes being in a 
relationship rather difficult. Meeting the beautiful Lieutenant
 Kristine Scott of the New York City Fire Department and 
knowing he can’t have her only makes things worse.

Dragon shifter Kristine can’t stop thinking about fun, flirty 

Jayce and his teasing smile. A relationship could never work-
not with the distance between them, and definitely not with 
her shifter secret. But when Kristine lands herself in a blaze 
of trouble and secrets are revealed, Jayce will do whatever it
 takes to help-whether or not the feisty, stubborn New Yorker 
wants him to.

Wow that was HOT! Lol sorry but I had to. But seriously this
 was one hell of a book. I loved it so much I have to get the 
other books. It was well-written and factually accurate for 
firefighters.  And then there was the passion to.

This is Jayce and Kristen's story. He is a Phoenix, how 
unusual for a story to have one. It was really intriguing as to
 how if they die they have to go through the aging process all
 over. Imagine having a conversation with your guy as he 
was as a kid.(I know we think they revert there sometimes,
 but imagine he's eight again or even a teen) would not want
 to explain the concept of no all over again. Well when things
 go bad Kirsten has to do just that. I never laughed so much 
with a book. Things just did not seem to be in her favor. But 
I have to admit Gia was my favorite in the book. Never talk
 bad about Mother Nature she just may be listening and you
 don't want to make her mad. Man I cannot wait for the next
 book. At least I have 2 others to read in the mean time.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you 
enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it 
when you do; they value your opinions too

The rest of the dinner went well. In fact, Kristine was surprised by how well it was going. She hadn’t dated a guy like Jayce in a long time. Their connection seemed to be almost instantaneous. It was just too bad he was a firefighter—and lived three hours away as the Acela train flies. Actually, a quick plane ride would reduce the commute to only an hour and a half, but the hassle and time it took to go through security would make the trip even longer.
Walking down the wide sidewalks of Times Square, hand in hand, sure made her feel as if the trip might be worth the hassle. His hand was warm and rough. For once she wasn’t concerned that hers were the same way. No hand cream could stand up to a firefighters’ routine. Wet gloves, rough weather, unbearable heat… All of that detracted from the soft, supple skin she longed for.
They had decided over dinner to visit the top of the Empire State Building. Jayce had never been there before, and Kristine had only visited with friends—never a date. It was supposed to be romantic. She’d never understood why. Probably because her cynical ex-boyfriend thought it was hokey. As she glanced over at Jayce, he glanced back, and they smiled. One thing she wasn’t seeing in him was a city dweller’s pessimism. Its absence was a refreshing change.
Eventually, they arrived at their destination, and as luck—or the stars aligning at the right moment—would have it, they stepped into an elevator with no one right behind them. The doors whooshed closed while they were still alone.
She spun toward Jayce with a hand over her mouth. “I guess that wasn’t very nice of me. I probably should have waited.”
He stepped right into her space. “I’m glad you didn’t.”
As the elevator began to ascend, he leaned in and captured her mouth with his firm lips. She looped her arms around his neck, and he pulled her close. She immediately opened her mouth, and their tongues found each other and swirled together. Kristine wasn’t at all sure her light-headed feeling was due to the elevator traveling so fast. Unfortunately, she felt as if she were falling instead.
Don’t think about it. Whatever happens happens… She seemed to have found a new mantra. She heard the ding of the elevator doors opening, and they were greeted by chuckles and a wolf whistle.
“Yeah, yeah…” Jayce said, but he was grinning and holding Kristine’s hand as they made their way off the elevator.
When they spotted a space at the building’s edge that was fairly deserted, they walked over to it with no hesitation.
“You’re not afraid of heights, I guess…” Jayce said to her.
She laughed. “I’d be in deep trouble if I were.” Not only was she a firefighter in a company that specialized in high-rises, but she was a full-fledged, fire-breathing, wing-soaring dragon. She could hover at this height and enjoy the view.
Speaking of enjoying the view…
Jayce turned his back on the dazzling city lights and kissed her knuckles as he stared into her eyes. She felt as if her insides were melting. A deep shimmer in his eyes must have been reflecting the lights. Or not. His eyes seemed to glow for a moment, and then he quickly turned back toward the city.
She took her first good look at the city lights as well. Dear Lord. At last she realized why people thought this place was romantic. At night, so many lights against the velvet black sky were more beautiful than Christmas. Some even seemed to twinkle like stars. Below, white headlights and red taillights trailed through the landscape, but the sounds of the city were far away.
A chilly breeze ruffled her hair. Jayce enveloped her in a side hug. If she felt a chill, it was forgotten in favor of his warm, strong body alongside hers. Everywhere they touched, merging heat radiated through her. Wow. How she’d missed this! Or had she ever had this feeling?
Good Lord, Kristine… Get ahold of yourself!
“So, Jayce… What do you think of the view from up here?”
He turned her toward him and said, “I think the view right in front of me is as beautiful as it gets.” Leaning in, he delivered another toe-curling kiss, and she realized she was a goner.

Boston Dragons Series (3 books)

·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠· Ashlyn Chase·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠·

Ashlyn Chase has been a registered nurse for 20 years. 
During those years, she wrote articles for professional 
journals and a thesis, but eventually, thank goodness, 
discovered the joy and freedom of writing fiction.

Ashlyn considers herself lucky. Her degree in behavioral 
sciences is a combination of psychology and sociology, 
so she has worked with and studied people most of her life.
 She never has to write out exhaustive character sketches to
 understand her characters or predict how they will behave.
 That doesn't mean they don't surprise her. Sometimes they
 take her on grand unexpected journeys. For her, it gives 
"character driven novels" a whole new meaning.

Ashlyn has learned to go with the flow. To enjoy the journey 
is not only one of her writing goals, but also a challenge in life
 so she tries to follow where the story takes her. As such, she
 has lived in 17 different places over the years. At last, she's 
all settled down and comfy in New England.

Is there a grand design or do we decide our own fates? 
Perhaps if the powers-that-be have a plot, then they also give
 us the right to revise it. Ashlyn has certainly made detours on
 her path, but she thinks she's better for it. She's having fun
 at any rate and hopes that if she enjoys the journey, so will
 those around her—including her readers.

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•٠•● (o,..,o) ●•٠• Review & Giveaway For SEAL Wolf Undercover (Heart of the Wolf #22) by Terry Spear •٠•● (o,..,o) ●•٠•

SEAL Wolf Undercover 
(Heart of the Wolf #22) 
By Terry Spear 
Length: Full Length (292 pgs)
Expected publication: August 1st 2017 
By Sourcebooks Casablanca

No wolf is safe in USA Today bestseller Terry Spear's new
 installment of the SEAL Wolf series.

Never be so foolish as to fall for the enemy...

Special wolf agent Jillian Matthews has joined the jaguar-run 
United Shifter Force to track down a deadly criminal. She's 
even willing to work with PI Vaughn Greystroke―until the 
hot, growly SEAL wolf makes the mistake of getting in her 
way. Naturally, she shoots him. Who could blame her?

Vaughn Greystroke has always worked alone. But when 
a string of attempted murders puts him in the crosshairs,
 teaming up with the Shifter Force begins to sound like 
a good idea. Even if he has to work with alluring―and 
potentially treacherous―Jillian Matthews. Vaughn is 
a trained SEAL, after all. He can surely keep his distance
 from matter how much she's getting under his skin

Oh My God what a book! Oh how I love this series. The
 whole series is well-written, thoroughly engaging, and
 downright sexy as hell. I love this series which is just a part 
of a bigger one.

This book is about Jillian and Vaughn. How they met and
 what brought them together. Jillian and Vaughan met a while
 back and are reunited by her brother and his friend. All 
starts off bad. His friend is attacked and her brother has just
 recovered from being shot. But when he finds her brother 
standing over the blood of his friend, he gives chase only 
to have Jillian shoot at him. And then all the fun begins. 
Now they have to team up to find out who the real bad guys
 are. And somehow figure out how they will be together. 
And omg when you find out who his training officer was. 
Let's just say surprise.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you
 enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book, 
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it
 when you do; they value your opinions too

Formerly an army intelligence officer and now a PI, Jillian Matthews had agreed to go out with her brother Miles’s friend as a favor, but man did the guy have octopus arms. Oh sure, he was fun, but way more interested than she was. The guy several tables over, now he got her attention. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say he was all wolf, though some human males showed the same wolfish interest in a woman, even if she was with someone else. She’d never think about dumping a guy on a date when he was being nice, especially when it was to pay her brother back for his help in solving one of her cases. But she’d made sure she said it was only one date, unless she changed her mind.
Everything about the club was a blast—the music, drinks, dancers, and atmosphere—yet the man at the other table truly stole her attention tonight. Did you want to return here tomorrow night? Miles asked. She smiled at her brother. She’d love to if the other guy was going to be here.  He had dark hair, chiseled features, tanned biceps. He was muscular but not overdone, and had a darkly, intriguing smile that made her melt.
Sure, she said, secretly wishing she could see tall, dark, and intriguing. Maybe tomorrow he would ask her to dance or she’d ask him. The guy’s own date looked bored and Jillian hadn’t seen him dance until women began asking him. As soon as a blond did, it was like a signal to other single women that he was interested and available. If Jillian had been without a date, even she would have asked him to dance. She’d help him move that gorgeous body right up close and personal. Her own date wasn’t interested in dancing with anyone else, so she curbed the inclination. She could envision hanging onto the guy too, if he still piqued her interest and not allow any other woman to take a turn with him.
Hey, you ready to go? Miles asked, breaking into her fantasy. If I’m going to help you on that next case, I need some sleep. His date was a human woman, and Jillian knew her brother too well. Sleep wasn’t what he had in mind at all. Yeah, agreed.I can take you back to your hotel, her date said, as if he were looking for some mattress action too. Oh, thanks so much, but no, that’s fine. Miles is right. We have to get up before the crack of dawn.She and Miles rose from the table, Jillian’s date not making a move to leave. See you tomorrow night then, he said. Not if she could help it. She gathered her sweater and bag, and though she didn’t want to seem too obvious that she was interested in the other guy, she glanced back at him. He inclined his head a little to her and her whole body flushed with heat. He was so hot. Yeah, he was the date she wanted tomorrow night, whether he had   a date with him or not.  Then suddenly a scream caught Jillian’s attention. One of the corner chains holding a dancer’s platform had broken loose, and the dancer on it screamed again. Thank God the dancer had reacted quickly enough to grab one of the remaining four chains holding it up before she fell. Dangling twenty feet above the patrons, she clung precariously to the end of the chain, looking up as if she was thinking of trying to climb up it. Before Jillian could do anything, the wolfish guy she had been admiring had climbed the ladder to the platform. He leapt to one of the chains still holding the platform, and shimmied across the top of it to reach the chain the dancer was holding onto. The music was still in heavy jungle beat mode, most patrons unaware of the potential tragedy unfolding before them. Jillian rushed to tell a server to get help and to turn off the music so the guy rescuing the woman could concentrate. Hell, that’s part of the show, the server said, smiling at her. You’re not from around here, are you?
The guy trying to rescue her is part of it too? The server glanced up at him. No. Once in a blue moon we get some hero type that has to show off how macho he is. He must not be from around here either. He could injure himself! Kill himself even! Safety nets spring up and will catch them if they fall. We’ve only had one case where we’ve had to use them, and everyone, including the would-be hero, loved it.Then the man managed to climb down the chain to the woman and had her crawl up his body. As agile as she was, she probably could have made it up the chain by herself if the heroic guy hadn’t tried to rescue her. The dancer wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms around his neck as he made the treacherous climb up. Even so, Jillian was practically holding her breath. The visitor wasn’t part of the show, and any misstep on his part could mean the two of them could fall. Maybe he knew this was part of the show. Maybe the waiter didn’t realize it.
The music was still playing, but a lot more of the patrons had stopped to watch, probably because only once in a blue moon someone came to the dancer’s rescue. At the top edge of the platform, the guy made his way across the wooden edge until he reached the next corner chain. He paused there for the longest time. The music was still playing, the only lights the ones highlighting the dancers on their platforms. The other dancers no longer moved, riveted by their fellow dancer and the heroic guy. If he jumped to the ladder and missed, that would be the end of the show, and the dancer and the good Samaritan would fall. What if the net
didn’t appear in time? Jillian wanted to do something, anything to help him. All she could do was lamely watch and pray he was successful.

(Heart of the Wolf, #12) 

(Heart of the Wolf, #16)

(Heart of the Wolf, #18)  

(Heart of the Wolf, #22)

•٠•● (o,..,o) ●•٠•  TERRY SPEAR •٠•● (o,..,o) ●•٠•

USA Today Bestseller, TERRY SPEAR writes urban fantasy
and Highland medieval romance: hot wolves, jaguar shifters,
medieval Highlanders and lots more. She also pens young
adult paranormal romance. She has over fifty paranormal
books to her name, earned Publisher’s Weekly Best Books
of the Year, and has been featured in The International Wolf
Magazine, Woman’s World and BGS Book Review
Magazine. She creates award-winning teddy bears in the
heart of Texas and gardens. She retired from USAR after
rappelling, mountain climbing, learning water survival,
qualifying with a number of firearms, survived the obstacle
courses, leadership reaction courses and confidences
courses – and knows if she can do it, her characters can
overcome any obstacle she puts in their path.

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•٠•● (o,..,o) ●•٠• Review For Deadly Ever After (The Black Angel Book #2) Hope Irving •٠•● (o,..,o) ●•٠•

Deadly Ever After
(The Black Angel Book #2)
417 pages
Published September 2016
By Amazon Digital Services LLC

Free on Kindle Unlimited

Deadly Ever After is the second book in the Black Angel 
Book series. The series is a continuous New Adult 
paranormal love story, so reading Twice Upon A Time 
(Book 1) is highly suggested before you start Book 2.

I used to be numb, until I discovered what it was to feel 
again, thanks to Virgil. He pulled me out of the darkness and 
bewitched me, somehow. 
He messed up my mind.
Overwhelmed my heart.
For once, I was willing to welcome some of those irrational 
emotions. Why did he hold back? I wanted him and he 
pushed me away. 

Wounded by Virgil’s indecisions, I foolishly believed in the
 fairytale my summer fling offered. Who am I kidding? I’m no 
princess and this man is definitely not my Prince Charming. 
That is made apparent by Virgil’s re-appearance, but can 
I trust him to pull me in and not push me away again? 

I wasn’t expecting the dark fairytale that Virgil weaves of the
 Irish star-crossed lovers. A witch and a monk forever 
entwined and destined to be together. 

Could Virgil and I actually be soulmates, brought back 
together by an ancient spell, bound to embrace this 
unorthodox fairytale and a happy ending? 
Or will this become our deadly ever after?
(This is a New Adult unorthodox fairytale, not suitable for 
readers under 18 years of age due to strong language and
 sexual content.

***Please note*** 
This book contains a few scenes of self harm which may 
be uncomfortable for some readers.

This is a New Adult novel intended for readers 18 and over.

Holly freaking Gods! What a book. That was simply amazing.
So well-written and expertly thought through. The whole
series is wonderful. If you have not read book one. Go get it
first, and don't read this review as it will spoil book one for you.

Click here for my review for book one

This is the Continuing Story in the Black Angel book series.
The continuation of Rose and Virgil’s story. does he know at
the end of book one she ended up with Bruce. Because
Virgil pushed her away. Which was a Monumental mistake on
his part. But in this book they seem to find a way back to
each other. But only temporarily and something else stands
in their way. It seams that the time is not right yet. But man
the things you find out about the bad guys. Like holy freaking
heck. You will not believe who these bad guys are in disguise.

Now before I ruin this for you I will leave off here. I hope you
enjoy this book as much as I did. If you do like this book,
please consider leaving a review. The Authors really like it
when you do; they value your opinions too.

*¨¨*•♪♪*•.¸ ¸¸.•*¨¨*•♪♪*•*¨¨☼•♪
-P-L-A-Y░ ░ L-I-S-T-♪
♪*•.¸ ¸¸.•*¨¨*•♪♪*•**•♪



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Coming soon 


·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠·  Hope Irving ·٠•● Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ●•٠·

Hope Irving is the proud mother of a lovely and witty young
 lady, and the lucky wife of a loving and supportive husband
. She's a debut indie author who lived in Paris, France, most
 of her life and also in the US, where she graduated with 
a master degree.

She loves Nutella and Camembert cheese (not together), 
carrot cake and cinnamon Altoids. 

Her favorite fictional characters are Eric Northman (Sookie 
Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris) and Sean Bateman 
(The Rules of Attraction, Bret Easton Ellis).